What to bring to your appointment

  1. Provincial Health card (eg. MB, OHIP)
  2. Completed Patient Questionnaire (For new patients only)
  3. All your eye drop bottles, medications and supplements in their original containers
  4. List of allergies
  5. Form of payment (cash, cheque made payable to "GEM Clinic Medical Corporation", Visa, Mastercard; we do not accept AMEX)
  6. Book enough time for your appointment: at least 2 hours (and consider how much travel time you will need)
  7. Driver or ride - if you are having a dilated eye exam, or a laser procedure
  8. Juice or a snack if you are a diabetic
  9. If you use an oxygen tank for breathing, ensure that it is full, or let us know if it is low when you arrive.

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