This website includes information about your visit to GEM Clinic, eye topics of interest and frequently asked questions. We continually review the content to ensure that we are providing up to date information.

We sincerely hope that this website serves as a useful and effective tool for empowering patients and their interested family and friends with some knowledge and understanding of common eye diseases and their management.

We also hope that patients are well-oriented to our clinic practices through this website and that knowing what to expect will help reduce any fear or anxiety about the visit.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, the information contained in this website is not exhaustive. We are focused on common eye problems that are treated at GEM Clinic and cannot possibly cover all that there is to know about eyes. We have also purposely left out some technical details in the writing to make things more understandable to a non-medical audience. However, if you have any suggestions or would like to see any additional information that is not included in our website, please let us know and we will endeavor to improve the website. Please also visit the useful linked websites for more detailed information.


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