Emergent Ophthalmology Consults:

Please note that any EMERGENT consultations for eye problems should be directed to the ON-CALL Ophthalmologist through Misericordia Health Centre switchboard at 204-774-6581.

Consults to Dr. Kogan, Dr. Rahman or Dr. Zuñiga:

Please fax a letter of referral to GEM Clinic (fax: 204-992-4006) indicating the preferred doctor and the level of urgency.

After the letter is reviewed, it may be redirected to the most appropriate/ available doctor at GEM Clinic.

We will fax back an appointment time and general information for your patient, and will also contact your patient directly with this information. We also encourage you to contact your patient with the appointment information.

Please review the appointment time and let us know if this meets your patient's needs.

Referrals for Diagnostic Testing:

GEM Clinic offers a variety of diagnostic testing including optic nerve imaging with OCT (Triton) technology, Humphrey Visual Field, Olleyes VisuAll ("virtual reality" visual field testing) and iTrace analysis. We are pleased to offer these tests to patients from other offices, at the same rates charged to GEM Clinic patients (only for non-insured tests). Please refer to Tests and Fees section for details. If you would like to refer your patient for testing only, please call our office to book an appointment.

Advising your patient:

For all referrals made to GEM Clinic, we would encourage you to contact your patient by phone and communicate the appointment time and general information in case there is a delay in the mail from our office. This is especially important for patients residing outside Winnipeg.

For urgent consults, we will be contacting your patient by phone as well as mail. We recommend your patient refer to this website for detailed information about their appointment.

B221-2025 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3P 0N5

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