Make sure you have booked off enough time

GEM Clinic doctors are specialists in eye care and are very busy. The entire appointment including waiting time between tests may take up to 2 hours (or longer). Please prepare yourself and your driver or companion for this. Time spent at this appointment is not wasted time, it is an investment in your eye health.

Your appointment time is the time to register for your appointment; it is not the time you see the doctor.

Our friendly and dedicated technicians will greet you to do some pre-testing first. These tests may take 5-10 minutes each (depending on the test). If you are scheduled for a dilation, this will take 15-20 minutes after dilating drops are applied to your eyes before the doctor can examine you. After these tests are done, you may have to wait a few minutes to see the doctor.

Your visit with the doctor will take a variable amount of time, depending on the problem, and includes a thorough examination of your eyes and an explanation of the results of your tests and examination. Any treatment options will be explained and arranged after discussion with you.

If this appointment time is not convenient for you, or if you have specific issues that require special consideration, please call our office and we will try our best to accommodate you or to reschedule your appointment within a reasonable time frame. If we cannot manage your expectations, we may need to recommend that you be referred elsewhere.

Escorts/ Drivers/ Family members/ Friends

We do not allow an escort or family member to attend the appointment unless a patient needs assistance. Our staff will help you as much as possible, and will contact your ride once you are done.

We can consider scheduling a virtual visit over the phone with you and your family member(s) if you would like a family conference with your doctor.


Due to the length of the appointment, we discourage bringing your children or grandchildren to this appointment. It is not possible to look after them while you are taking these tests since we do not provide childcare at the office. We recommend that you arrange for someone to take care of your children during this appointment instead of bringing them with you.

Check Location

If you are not familiar with the area where we are located, you can find our location here.


Please assist us by filling out the patient questionnaire provided to you (for new patients) or by filling out the questionnaire(s) sent to your mobile phone or email address.

Please have your provincial health card ready for presentation.

Notify reception if you have a specified time for Handi-Transit pick-up.

Waiting Area

After registering, you may be asked to sit down for a few minutes.

There is a wheelchair accessible public washroom available in the waiting area, along with video entertainment.

You may choose to bring reading material or paperwork to pass the time.

Please note that smoking is prohibited on the premises.


Your tests will be indicated on your appointment letter or follow-up note.

Please see the section on "Tests" to get specific information about how these tests are conducted and whether there are any fees (most are covered by your provincial health insurance).

In general, these tests will be run by the technicians and may take 30-40 minutes in total, prior to seeing the doctor. You will be instructed on how to perform these tests. The results of these tests will be explained by the doctor after (s)he examines you. Escorts are not allowed in some of the testing/ procedure areas.

In addition, one of the technician's will test your vision, and do a preliminary work-up that may require the application of eye drops ("numbing" drops - that last 10-15 minutes and possibly "dilating" drops that last several hours).

Internal Waiting Area

After your preliminary testing, you are seated in the internal waiting area before being called into the Doctor's examining room. This takes a variable amount of time (20-40 minutes on average). As this is a smaller waiting room, we reserve this seating area for patients only.

We ask that people refrain from loud talking or cell phone calls in this area since testing is proceeding in the adjacent rooms.

Consultation with the doctor

Once the doctor is ready for you, you (and your escort) will be taken to one of the examination rooms and seated. It is important for you (and your escort) to switch off your cell phones while in the doctor's examination room. Your doctor will examine your eyes thoroughly and explain the process as (s)he examines you.

Numbing eyes drops (effect lasts 10 minutes) will be applied to your eyes to make sure the examination is comfortable for you.

The examination only takes a few minutes and will not hurt. The doctor will look into your eyes with an upright microscope and various other instruments. (See details of testing under "Tests and Fees").

The doctor will then turn to the computer and review all your test results and enter the information into your chart.

After this, your doctor will discuss the results with you (and your escort if present) and be able to answer your questions.

The time with the doctor is the most important part of the visit and can take a variable amount of time depending on the problem. If you are being offered surgery for either cataract or glaucoma, this will be discussed with you as thoroughly as time permits. Detailed information will be given to you by handout or via email. You can also check this website for more information.

Regarding cell phones

Since your time with the doctor is limited, please do not waste it by taking cell phone calls while seeing the doctor. Switch off your cell phone while in the doctor's examination room. If you or your escort takes a cell phone call during your time with the doctor, (s)he may choose to see another patient while you are on the phone, or reschedule the appointment.

After seeing the doctor

Your doctor will give your any relevant prescriptions and instructions. You will then be directed to the check-out area to make your follow-up appointment (if necessary) and pay any fees.

We will endeavor to make your visit to GEM Clinic as safe, effective and pleasant as possible.

B221-2025 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3P 0N5


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