How to prepare for your appointment

  1. Ensure that you have the right time and date of your appointment. If you are a new patient, please call our office to confirm your receipt and acceptance of your appointment time.
  2. Locate our clinic on a map and identify the best driving or bus route. Please note that our clinic caters to patients from the entire province of Manitoba, Nunavut and Northwestern Ontario, and is conveniently located just west of route 90 on Corydon Avenue (Route 95). For patients living far from our office in other parts of Winnipeg (eg. Transcona), please consider taking the perimeter highway for easier access to route 90.
  3. See list of what to bring to your appointment.
  4. Take any eye drops that you routinely take as usual the day of the appointment. There is no need to stop them for the appointment.
  5. Book off enough time (2 hours for appointment not including travel time); Make sure your escort is prepared for the time commitment.
  6. Book handi-transit giving you enough time for the appointment (at least 2 hours before pick-up); remember to notify reception if you have a handi-transit pick-up time.
  7. Respecting chemical sensitivities - As a courtesy to those with chemical sensitivities, we ask that you avoid smoking just before you attend this appointment, and avoid wearing heavy perfumes or colognes.
  8. Cell Phones - Please avoid making cell phone calls or taking calls in the examination areas of the clinic as this disturbs the staff and patients undergoing tests. There is a courtesy phone for public use available at the front reception, or you may step outside the office to make cell phone calls.
  9. Wifi access - is available at the clinic.
  10. Please read the sections on "What to bring to your appointment" and "What to expect at your appointment" for useful information.

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