Posterior YAG Capsulotomy

During cataract surgery, an artificial lens is implanted inside your eye to replace your natural lens (that clouded into a "cataract" over time). This is implanted inside a thin membranous capsule. After cataract surgery, the back or posterior side of this capsule can get cloudy and form what some people call a "secondary cataract" or posterior capsular opacity (PCO). This can easily be cleared using a YAG laser by puncturing a hole in the capsule with the laser. This laser procedure is done in the clinic and takes a few minutes.

Your pupils need to be dilated for this procedure. The entire visit (including preparation with dilating drops and laser) takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. Therefore, you need to plan on being at our office/ mall for this period of time.

We recommend that you do not drive right after the laser, therefore you should arrange a driver. Please make sure your driver understands how long the procedure will take and knows when to pick you up.

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